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4 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability into your Skincare

April 22, 2021 2 Comments

4 Ways to Incorporate Sustainability into your Skincare

When we think of Earth Day most of us think of recycling plastics, planting flowers, and green horizons. What most of us don’t think of, however, is our skin.

Earth day is all about sustainability, a practice that ultimately affects all facets of our lives. But sustainability is more than just recycling and watching what we throw in the trash– it’s about repurposing what we already have for future use.

For us skincare enthusiasts, one way to watch our carbon footprint is to find ways to keep using our empty containers long after the product is gone.

Here are some ideas to repurpose your Advanced Clinicals empties. And hey, what better incentive to buy more skincare products guilt-free when you’re repurposing the ones you’ve already used?


Spa-Sized Lotion containers make great pencil holders

Whether it’s pens, pencils, or whatever else you have laying around your desk, our value size lotion containers are the perfect height and width to store all your office supplies. Rinse out your empty bottles with some soap and water before cutting around the top to make a wide opening. Be sure there are no sharp edges.

You can store more than pencils and pens, too. Leftover lotion containers are perfect for makeup brushes to keep them upright so that they can retain their shape and give easy access. 



Face Creams jars are the perfect storage containers for hair ties and bobby pins when you’re on the go


We've all fallen victim to losing our bobby pins and hair ties the minute we open a new pack. The next time you’re looking for a place to keep your hair accessories safe and sound, try storing them inside your leftover skin care jars.

Face masks and face creams often come in jars with lids that can hold anywhere between 1oz to 3 ounces of product. That’s a lot of room! These travel-size jars make an excellent alternative to Tupperware, plastic bags, and other plastic items you’d normally use to store your hair ties when you’re on the go.



Hair Mask tubs make perfect succulent planters


Nothing inspires us more to take care of the Earth than being surrounded by nature. You can add a little harmony to your home with some plants by repurposing your empty hair mask containers into planters and pots.

Wash out your empty hair mask tubs and add a little soil with some seeds to grow flowers and small vegetables. You can also use them to repot plants you’ve already bought.

These sizes are perfect for windows and small spaces. Be sure to choose smaller plants that will have enough room to grow, and water regularly! You can even punch little holes in the bottom of the tub for drainage. 



Serum bottles can become cute mini vases


Who doesn’t get a kick out of looking at all of their pretty serum bottles lined up on the bathroom shelf? Aside from being beneficial to the face and an integral part of any skincare routine, serums often come in glass jars with unique designs and colors, making them the perfect tiny accent piece to your décor.

You can still use your serum bottles long after they’ve been used up by turning them into a mini vase. Add a tiny flower or any small accent piece that will fit to add a unique look to any space.


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September 21, 2021

do your products have an expiration date? specifically, vitamin c serum: lot # 34861A

Nitza cohen moshe
Nitza cohen moshe

September 13, 2021

i am 72 years old. i by from iherb your products but i dont know the steps for use. if i use retinol at night do i need to put on it any cream or oil. wat you recommend for very dry skin 72 years old take care together at night and for day. can i order directly from you? wat it will the cost of shipping to israel

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