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Are You Using Glycolic Acid? You Should. Here's Why!

July 27, 2020 2 Comments

Are You Using Glycolic Acid? You Should. Here's Why!

Who doesn’t want to wake up with a clear, youthful glow? The answer is nobody, right? It’s safe to say that everybody—okay, almost everybody—wants to be proud of their skin. Many of us wish for a smooth, radiant, moisturized appearance. After all, when we initially see someone, what is the first thing we notice about them? Their skin, and whether or not it looks healthy.

Unfortunately, it takes more than just wishing and hoping to achieve good, healthy skin. Specifically, it takes work and knowledge . . . knowledge of the best skincare ingredients and knowledge of the best skincare products. Remember: Just because a product is advertised for the face, doesn’t mean it should be used for the face. It’s necessary to do the homework, which we have done for you!

What's the Best Skincare Ingredient?

One common skincare ingredient worth knowing about is Glycolic Acid*. At first, without any facts or information, this may not seem like something you want to put on your skin. Really, acid? Yet, Glycolic Acid is found in some of the most powerful  skincare products, and there’s a reason for that.

By textbook definition, Glycolic Acid is a colorless, odorless hygroscopic crystalline solid known for its exfoliation abilities. That sounds great, but what does this mean exactly for those of us who are non-science-speaking folks? 

The Benefits of Glycolic Acid

When applied regularly, the properties of Glycolic Acid can retexturize the skin, giving it a brighter and overall fresher appearance. These results can be accomplished because Glycolic Acid encourages the shredding of old surface skin cells.

Further, Glycolic Acid restores moisture and plumpness to the face, while stimulating Collagen production and softening fine lines and wrinkles. It is safe, suitable, and beneficial for all skin types. Long-term use helps the skin develop that “glow” many of us wish and hope to attain. And, perhaps most importantly, Glycolic Acid helps other ingredients penetrate the skin better and more effectively.

Over time, due to age, neglect, and sun damage—and, let’s be honest, the cruel effects of gravity, the skin becomes dull, dry, loose, and colorless. Or, to be blunt, the skin becomes unhealthy-looking. This is common . . . but it doesn’t have to be permanent.

There’s no reason to settle for skin you’re not proud of or don’t want. You just need to find the right skincare ingredients and skincare products to support and boost your skin—the skin you already have.

Advanced Clinicals 10% Glycolic Serum

Glycolic Acid is found in our latest skincare product: Advanced Clinicals 10% Glycolic Serum. Not only is this new serum hypoallergenic, but it has been both clinically and dermatologist tested. As the name states, it’s 10 percent Glycolic Acid, with a pH of 3.5.

Again, sounds great, but what does this mean exactly?

Why Choose Advanced Clinicals 10% Glycolic Serum?

It means that our 10% Glycolic Serum has been thoroughly and specially tested and proven to minimize irritation or discomfort. This innovative skincare product exfoliates while attacking pores, wrinkles, and discoloration. The formula used to create the serum is 100 percent “Clean Beauty”, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, and made in the United States.

Have you ever thought about visiting a medical spa or salon to try out a chemical peel? Perhaps you’re too concerned with the price of this procedure or don’t have the downtime to sit around and wait while your skin heals. 10% Glycolic Serum is a much more gentle, affordable, and convenient way to treat your skin and face.

We recommend using Advanced Clinicals 10% Glycolic Serum at night, right before bed. It’s easy to add this additional step to your skincare routine. However, if used during the day, then it will be important to wear a hat and/or sunglasses and avoid sunlight.

The serum is potent enough for instant results, yet gentle enough for daily use. Of course, the longer you use Advanced Clinicals 10% Glycolic Serum, the stronger the results will become. You can even mix the serum into your favorite facial oil to create a one-step, anti-aging solution.

How to Get Advanced Clinicals 10% Glycolic Serum

So, now do you understand more about Glycolic Acid and why you should be using it? It goes without saying—but we’ll say it anyway—that the skin we have is ours for life. If you haven’t been taking proper care of it, there’s no time like the present.

Click here to learn more about our Advanced Clinicals 10% Glycolic Serum, including its full list of ingredients and how to get your hands on your very own bottle!

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