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How to Get Rid of that Nasty Maskne (It’s Possible!)

September 17, 2020 3 Comments

How to Get Rid of that Nasty Maskne (It’s Possible!)

We are proud to announce 4 effective skincare products to help battle that nasty Maskne. Wearing a mask in public isn’t a choice, but settling for Maskne is.

Today, the hottest accessory—literally speaking, of course—on the market is a mask. No, we’re not talking about the masks many people wear to cover up their true personalities and motivations (we’re not here to get that deep), but about the facial coverings required to protect ourselves and those around us from the Coronavirus.

It is what it is, right? Whether you like wearing the mask, hate wearing it, or are completely indifferent about it, “masking up” is necessary. Unfortunately, there’s a not-so-fancy, not-so-fun condition that can come with wearing a mask. This condition in question is Maskne, and it’s definitely as awful as it sounds.

What Is Maskne and What Causes It?

Simply put, Maskne is a type of occlusion acne that is caused by wearing a mask. These mask-induced breakouts form along the nose, chin, and cheek areas. As if any of us really wanted to relive our pimple-faced high school days. What can we say? This is the year that keeps on giving.

The mask on your face causes heat, and when it rubs against your skin, there is friction. Sweat occurs, your pores clog, and—BAM!—Maskne for everyone. Specifically, when the masks rub against our skin, the material damages the skin barrier, allowing for bacteria and dirt to enter our pores.

Don’t worry, though! There is an easy, convenient, affordable fix from Advanced Clinicals—and we’re going to share it with you!

Micro-Peel Cleanser

If you want clear, glowing skin, then you must use the right product(s). It takes more than just wishing and hoping and make Maskne go away.

Advanced Clinicals offers a Micro-Peel Cleanser, a Glycolic face wash carefully created for all skin types, that allows you to cleanse your way free of Maskne. Designed for both men and women, this product helps to free your pores from debris, ultimately resulting in a fresh, smooth complexion. With the perfect blend of Apple Extract, Damask Rose, and Glycolic Acid, when used regularly, this Micro-Peel Cleanser gently exfoliates, cleanses, and—bonus point—fights the signs of aging.

Do you have sensitive skin? Dry skin? Oily skin? Enlarged pores? Wrinkles? If you said “yes” to any of these, then you can’t afford to not use this peel and cleanse, in one simple step glycolic peel facial cleanser.

Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Toner

Does your face feel extra oily due to that mask you’re required to wear when you go out in public? The Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Toner from Advanced Clinicals can help you feel and look better. This intricately designed beauty product is equally enriched with Azelaic Acid and Licorice Root to instantly shrink the look of large pores and imperfections that make up the Maskne on your face.

One of the biggest benefits of this toner is that it’s a spray, meaning it’s easy and convenient to use. Further, it’s lightweight, can be used anytime—day or night—and always provides a soft, luminous finish to leave your skin looking flawless.

Lastly, if you want your skin to feel more hydrated, then you don’t want to miss this Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Toner—available now!

Tea Tree Oil

Depending on how much Maskne you’re suffering from, the Tea Tree Oil from Advanced Clinicals is a strong product that reduces skin problems, including acne, bumps, blemishes, red, and—yes!—Maskne! As a result, your complexion will be left looking and feeling clear and calm.

Anyone who badly wants a clear complexion should consider regularly using this product. It's antioxidant-rich, infused with Fractionated Coconut Oil that helps to both refine and soothe stressed-out pores that result from wearing a mask too long. What makes this beauty product stand out further, is the fact that it cleanses the face in a completely safe and effective way.

For a perfect blend of Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, and Sunflower Extract, try this product today! Don’t put off taking care of your skin for another moment.

10% Glycolic Serum

We’ve asked you before, but it bears repeating: Who doesn’t want to wake up with a clear, youthful glow? Especially now, considering that nasty Maskne that seems to pop up consistently due to COVID-19 masks?

With 10% Glycolic Serum from Advanced Clinicals, you can effectively fight Maskne and banish dry, dull skin, resulting in a radiating complexion. Better yet, this product is Dermatologist and Allergy-Tested, only delivers maximum results, and is the absolute perfect blend of Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, and Phytic Acid. Together, these advanced ingredients work to dissolve dead skin cells and leave the skin looking fresh and glowing.

Equal parts potent and gentle, this serum works quickly to attack Maskne, leaving your face feeling smooth, fresh, healthy, and clean. What’s stopping you from trying it?

Take Back Control of Your Skin

Maskne may not be a choice, but keeping it at bay is. With these safe, affordable, and innovative products from Advanced Clinicals, you no longer have an excuse to settle for Maskne. Finally, we’re able to have it all: wearing masks to promote safety in public without having to stress about unwanted acne and blemishes.

One final tip before you start cleansing your face: Don't just try one or two of the products listed above; use all four! If you want the best, fastest, longest-lasting results, then make sure to combine the best beauty products offered by Advanced Clinicals.

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