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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Introducing Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

November 24, 2020 3 Comments

Holiday Gift Guide

No, that’s not Santa’s sleigh everyone is gawking at—it’s Advanced Clinicals 2020 holiday gift guide! That’s right, we’ve decided to celebrate the holidays a little bit early this year.

Why are we celebrating early? Everyone needs—and deserves—something to look forward to now more than ever. How are we celebrating early? We’re releasing our 2020 holiday gift guide now—today . . . Below!

For your convenience, we’ve put everything you and your loved ones should have on their holiday “wish list” this year. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for him or her, need mom gifts or dad gifts, gifts for partners, gifts for best friends, or gifts under $15, we’ve got you completely covered!

The best part: You can safely complete your shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home. Buy all of your Christmas presents with the ease of simply clicking a button.

Our only advice? Get your orders in before it’s too late!

Photo Credit: @FarhFromOrdinary
Photo Credit: @FarhFromOrdinary


Deck the Halls with Advanced Clinicals

What makes the best holiday gifts? Gifts that center around self-care products, of course! After all, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? However, by giving the gift of self-care, you’re doing your part to promote a healthy, memorable holiday. And we’re here to help you! The items detailed below are perfect for both men and women—basically anyone in your life wanting to look and feel good.

5-in-1 Eye Serum

Whether it’s due to the current state of the world or because the holidays always add a little stress to the mix, this 5-in-1 Eye Serum from Advanced Clinicals will help mask that tired, burnout appearance. Specifically, this serum  utilizes all-natural ingredients, including Plant Collagen, Manuka Honey, Collodial Gold, and K3 Vitamin C to target five signs at once! As a result, your eyes will instantly look visibly renewed. Further, the serum hydrates skin while diminishing the look of dark circles, bags, puffiness, lines, and crepey eyelids.

If you or someone you know needs help reducing the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet, while also dramatically improving the elasticity to fight tired, saggy eyes, then this is the beauty product to wrap and put under the treat this holiday season.

Turmeric Oil

You want beautiful-looking skin, right? Turmeric Oil delivers, and it does so without staining your skin orange, despite popular opinion. Specifically, it’s the concentrated antioxidant Curcumin, derived from Turmeric, that promotes radiant skin, and Advanced Clinicals has it available now.

Did you know that Turmeric is credited as a miracle for congested skin? Further, our multi-tasking formula helps promote smoothness and replenishes moisture, leaving skin looking clear and refined. If you want to visibly diminish imperfections, creating clear, firm and supple looking skin—or give the gift that accomplishes this—then this is the product for you . . . or your boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, sibling . . . you get the idea!

Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum

You’re familiar with Vitamin C, but how familiar? For example, you already know Vitamin C can boost your immunity, but did you know that there are beauty benefits associated with it?

At Advanced Clinicals, we offer a Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum that is both potent and targets skin tones. The serum’s potent ingredients work synergistically for effective absorption into the skin. Further, this highly advanced Vitamin C Facial Serum will allow the user’s skin to instantly feel hydrated, while also promoting an intensely restorative, firmer-looking complexion. And that’s not even the best part!

Our Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum targets dark spots, uneven tones, and expression lines. Help to brighten your skin or the skin of a loved one this holiday season.

10% Glycolic Serum

Do you know someone who wants to wake up to a clear, youthful glow? With our new product, you or someone you love can effectively banish dry, dull skin and restore radiance simply while sleeping.

This powerful, 10% Glycolic Acid Serum is Dermatologist and Allergy-Tested, delivering maximum results with just one use. The product offers an advanced blend of Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic and Phytic Acids, which all help in dissolving dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin. Further, the Serum is formulated with antioxidant Blueberry and Apple extracts to soften and soothe skin that has been sun damaged. Better yet, it’s potent enough for instant results, but gentle enough for daily use and rapidly diminishes the look of uneven texture, while supporting healthy renewal and collagen building.

Hyaluronic + Aloe Facial Mist

This time of year, everyone’s skin needs a little replenishing. You’re in luck: We’ve got the product that does just that . . . and so much more! It may be a great gift for a partner, but don’t forget to order a bottle for yourself, too!

Here’s what you need to know: Advanced Clinicals Hyaluronic & Aloe Facial Mist helps replenish radiance and allows your skin to retain healthy moisture. Hyaluronic Acid is essential for hydration and holds 1,000 times its weight in water. Your body’s Hyaluronic Acid production naturally decreases as you age, leaving skin dry with fine lines and rough spots. This lightweight spray features Probiotics and Green Tea, meaning you can use it anytime—day or night—to provide weightless moisture to the skin of whoever is lucky enough to use it.


Rockin’ Around with Advanced Clinicals

Even if your loved one made the “naughty” list this year, he or she shouldn’t be deprived of these amazing self-care products offered from Advanced Clinicals. Besides, it’s the season to give, and what’s better than giving the gift of soft, clear, and hydrated skin?

Hyaluronic Gel Face Cream

Do you know of a better gift for mom, dad, or even a best friend than a lightweight, water-based moisturizing gel that instantly quenches dry skin for a burst of refreshing hydration? We didn’t think so!

If your loved one is tired of heavy, oily creams, then Advanced Clinicals has got you covered! With this product, you—or whoever uses it—can get all the moisture needed for extra-dry skin without a heap of heavy oils. This Hyaluronic Gel Face Cream provides a burst of hydration and softness for instant radiance. Further, it attracts up to 1,000 times its weight in water, boosting luminosity and revealing soft, supple skin that glows. Formulated with Vitamins B12, C, and E to promote youthful radiance, it has been verified and lab tested, and will leave your skin (if you are lucky enough to receive it for Christmas) feeling hydrated and dewy.  

Hemp Seed Oil + Vitamin E Facial Mist

Even if you can afford a traditional facial right now, depending on where you live, salons and spas may not be open. However, with the help of Advanced Clinicals, you can still deliver an amazing and affordable Christmas gift this year!

This Hemp Seed Oil & Vitamin E Facial Mist helps replenish radiance and allows your skin to retain healthy moisture. Cannabis Sativa, which is found in the product, is naturally rich in essential fatty acids and plant-based hydrators. It’s common that your body’s hydration levels naturally decrease as you age, leaving skin dry and textured. This lightweight spray features Aloe Vera and Sea Salt and can be used anytime—day or night—to provide a soft, radiant finish to skin. Give the gift of a fresh, youthful glow with natural Hemp Seed extracts. Best of all, our facial mist won’t leave behind a heavy or oily residue . . . and it makes a great stocking stuffer!

Collagen + Rosewater Facial Mist

This time of year, it’s natural for your skin to feel and show the negative effects of stress. Yet, you’ll be happy to know that there is a solution . . . and it makes the perfect holiday gift!

Advanced Clinicals Collagen & Rosewater Facial Mist helps replenish radiance and allows your skin to retain a healthy moisture. As you likely already know, Collagen is essential to voluminous skin, and is even responsible for youthful volume. This lightweight spray features Watermelon and Peptides and can be used anytime—day or night—to provide a soft, dewy finish to the skin. Get (or give!) a fresh, youthful glow with natural Rosewater. Best of all: Our facial mist won’t leave behind a heavy or oily residue. It’s also easy to use, convenient to carry, and works instantly.

Collagen Serum

If all you want for Christmas is a little Collagen, you’re in luck! We now offer a beauty and skincare product that makes the best gift for the holidays—specifically if you need to get a gift from someone that is under $15.

Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum supports the natural production of Collagen in the epidermis. After using this face Serum, your skin will look plumper and firmer than ever before. It is especially helpful for lip lines, as its advanced formula will visibly restore volume to crevices. The Powerful Soy Complex found within the Serum diminishes the look of crepe-like skin and transforms your skin almost instantly, resulting in a youthful glow. Soy Extracts, which are also found in the Serum, target sagging, lost elasticity, and facial lines. This is a gentle and more affordable alternative to injections.

Collagen Body Oil

Do you know someone who suffers from dry skin? This is the gift they want this holiday season. The gift they need!

Advanced Clinicals Collagen Lifting Body Oil is an indulgent body oil that soaks into the skin for a youthful glow. Pure Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in abundance in youthful skin, making it the perfect natural moisturizer and skin-tightener. Our Collagen Lifting Oil is infused with antioxidant Vitamin C Oil, Moringa Oil, and Vitamin E, creating a silky formula that absorbs quickly. As a result, the skin is left feeling velvety soft and visibly lifted. Collagen locks in moisture for a supple appearance, allowing the skin to dramatically be lifted, become more hydrated, and soft to the touch. Vitamin C, which is found in the Oil, helps reduce visible discoloration, sagging,  and lost elasticity in just one month. Who wouldn’t want a gift as valuable and meaningful as this?

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Dreaming of Advanced Clinicals

This holiday season, do you know someone who is dreaming of self-care products? Perhaps you’re looking for items to help you make gift baskets or gift bundles for loved ones? Maybe you need gifts for mom, gifts for dad, or gifts for the boss? Regardless of who you’re shopping for this Christmas, we have you covered!

Coconut Oil Cream

Did you know that Coconut Oil is considered the healthiest oil on Earth? This is due to its high levels of Lauric Acid, which is rarely found in nature. Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream's small particle size helps nourish and renew dull, parched skin for a deeper, longer-lasting hydration. The addictive light and soothing scent is whipped with organic ingredients, such as pure Coconut Oil, Organic Lavender Extract, and Chamomile. Natural Glycerin and our concentrated pure Aloe Vera provide hydration for a healthy, glowing complexion. 

This affordable and timely skincare product can be wrapped and put under the tree, placed in a stocking by the chimney with care, or even given as a hostess gift at the next holiday party you attend.

Biotin Leave-in Treatment

Do you have friends or loved ones who are all about their hair? Buying them haircare products may seem difficult, but not when you have our help! This product will ensure Christmas 2020 will be one to remember.

Advanced Clinicals Biotin Leave-In Treatment instantly repairs splits ends and nourishes frizz-prone hair. This leave-in treatment supports scalp health, leading to stronger and thicker hair. Formulated with Biotin, it instantly smooths hair damaged by heat styling and physical stressors. This weightless spray fights fly-a ways and restores shine to damaged strands. The best part: It’s formulated for all hair types.

Tea Tree Hair Mask

Forget your two-front teeth; this is what you really want for Christmas this year!

Advanced Clinicals Tea Tree Oil Detoxifying Hair Mask is made with tea tree oil, coconut oil, and vitamin B5. Tea tree does amazing things for the hair, as the oil moisturizes the scalp while also preventing a build-up of excess oil. Further, this detoxification product even helps facilitate hair growth. Because of the antimicrobial and the oil’s anti-fungal properties, it can be effective for treating a dry, itchy, and dehydrated scalp. Great for men and women of all ages, this is a gift that shows someone you really care about them . . . and their hair!

Total Foot Renew

Okay, so this might be a gift best given to someone you really love and care about, as it’s a little bit more personal than our other items. Still, it’s a holiday gift worth giving!

Total Foot Renew offers a softening skin treatment that can be done right at home. It treats your entire foot: your heels, your toes, and your cuticles! Once you try this deep penetrating skin softener, you will wonder how you lived without it. Enhance your daily beauty regimen with Total Foot Renew and touch your toes with bliss. Vitamin E, found in the product, helps soften dry skin and hydrates your feet, leaving you feeling completely refreshed. Your feet work hard for you, now it’s time for Total Foot Renew to work hard for them. The best part? This product targets almost all foot problems such as cracked heels, rough calluses, and dry, peeling skin. 

Do you have someone in your life that is constantly on their feet? This is the gift for them!

Cracked Heel Cream

Truth be told: Not too many people will actually ask for heel cream for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that won’t love and appreciate this product!

Remember, heels should not break! Crack the cap and tap into Advanced Clinicals Cracked Heel Rough Spot Cream. Better yet, replenish that tough, dry skin with a nourishing and restorative cream that is packed with Avocado Oil and Shea Butter. If you know someone who needs to restore, moisture, and rejuvenate their heels, this is the gift for them! Our Cracked Heel Cream targets callouses and dry, cracked skin with the help of Lactic Acid, found in the product.

The best part: The user will notice softer and more hydrated feet in just one week!

All I Want for Christmas Is . . . Advanced Clinicals

This holiday season, give the gift(s) that feels like going to a spa, but for a fraction of the price! Now, more than ever, self-care is so important. At Advanced Clinicals, we not only want to promote the necessity of taking care of yourself and your well-being, but also show how convenient and affordable the process can truly be.

Now, with our 2020 holiday gift guide, shopping for all of your loved ones is convenient and affordable, too! Don’t be a Grinch, though, and don’t waste time; order your gifts now . . . before it’s too late.

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