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Stretch Mark Intensive Care Lotion 8oz

Stretch Mark Intensive Care Lotion 8oz


Whatever the reason – Growth spurts, pregnancy, weight changes - you shouldn't be embarrassed by unsightly stretch marks . Don’t despair, stretch marks beware! Here comes your Intensive Care Lotion.  Licorice Root Extract and Coffee Bean work to nourish at the skin’s surface to restore your skin to a smooth texture. This Intensive Care Lotion replenishes your skin with hydrating nutrients and high-performance Micro-Algae. Coffee Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil instantly revitalize your skin’s look. Target your problem areas with Advanced Clinicals Intensive Care Lotion. It’s time to stop wishing and take action!

Directions: Apply liberally to problem area or imperfections. Use medium pressure working the cream in a circular motion. Massage until fully absorbed. Use twice daily.

Bonus: Can be used to target problem areas around your thighs, arms, and your abdomen.