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Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum 1.75oz

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum 1.75oz


If you are looking for luminous, soft, and supple skin don’t look anywhere else. Alpha Hydroxy Acid face serum instantly refreshes skin and transforms dull, congested skin to glowing, radiant skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acid facial serum resurfaces skin and triggers renewal for a smooth, soft look. Calm the look of redness with face serum enriched with Soothing Aloe Vera and Licorice. Glycolic and Phytic Acids exfoliates and renews skin. Removes dull, dry skin to reveal fresh, radiant skin. Paraben-Free, gentle alternative to professional peels.

Directions: After you cleanse, use a few drops of serum and gently apply to face and allow for a few minutes for serum to absorb. 


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