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"A really good skincare regimen can end up being pretty pricey. If you’re a beauty junkie like me who has a multi-step beauty routine, you can find yourself plunking down a pretty penny on all the goods– mask, cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, facial oil, exfoliant… there are just so many goodies out there. Because of that, I’m always on the hunt for really effective, high quality beauty products with affordable price tags. At least year’s TBS Conference, I met the team at Advanced Clinicals, a problem solving skincare line of “cosmeceuticals” focused on offering skincare solutions with high quality ingredients at affordable prices. (EVERY product is under $25!) I fell in love with their Collagen Anti-aging gel mask! (It’s SO soothing and hydrating!) Recently, I’ve tried out a few other Advanced Clincals products and am obsessed."


"You guys know how much I love that charcoal! Advanced Clinicals recently launched a new Activated Charcoal Peel-Off mask, which I was excited to get my hands on. The mask at only $15 targets large, clogged pores and oily skin and features a winning combination of Witch Hazel, Green Tea, Volcanic Water, Rose, Tea Tree and Willowbark to tighten and firm skin. It’s a great mask for around the t-zone and sucks out the blackheads and loosens clogged pores from environmental stressors." 


"Dry brushing is one of those easy things that you can do in the morning before you shower and it has a whole host of benefits that can make your skin look so great! After dry brushing, you’re primed and prepped to absorb nutrients and moisture! I gently dry off my body and lather on Advanced Clinicals body oil all over my body. I have several different varieties and love switching it up every few days. I love that their oils are especially designed for specific needs, so depending on what your skin needs, you can choose accordingly."


"I’ve been using a lot of Advanced Clinicals products lately, because I love the amount of product I get for the price, and the quality of these serums is top-notch. A lot of my skincare routine, currently, consists of taking preventative measures in terms of aging. I’m telling y’all. I’ve been using these three products for a few months now, & I am OBSESSED with the results. My skin looks & feels its absolute healthiest & best."


"When you go through as much moisturizing product as I do, you start needing something more on the affordable end...I found one brand that I've really been loving and has extremely friendly price points. Have you heard of Advanced Clinicals? They have a wide range of product including face masks and a number of oils and serums, everything I use is marked at $15 - Awesome!"


"Advanced Clinicals is my latest RAVE worthy brand because they make an assortment of amazing anti-aging results driven skincare serums at budget friendly prices. Not only are these game changing skincare products budget friendly, but their amazing serums are also super accessible and easy to find at over 750 Walmart stores nationwide for under five bucks each!"