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Total Foot Renew 8oz

Total Foot Renew 8oz


What a wonderful world you stand on! Stand proud with Total Foot Renew Softener. Why not treat yourself to a softening skin treatment that can be done right at home? Total Foot Renew treats your entire foot and we didn’t skip a beat. Your heels, your toes, your cuticles are all getting well-deserved attention. Total Foot Renew, just what your feet have always wanted, some gratitude.  Once you try this deep penetrating skin softener, you will wonder how you lived without it. Enhance your daily beauty regimen with Total Foot Renew and touch your toes with bliss. Exfoliate your entire foot with Urea. Vitamin E helps soften dry skin and hydrates your feet, leaves you feeling refreshed. Your feet work hard for you, now it’s time for Total Foot Renew to work hard for them.

Directions: Apply liberally to heels and dry skin. Massage well until completely absorbed. Use as often as needed. For overnight results, apply generously to feet and cover with socks before bed. 

Bonus: Total Foot Renew targets almost all foot problems such as cracked heels, rough calluses, and dry, peeling skin.