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Before purchasing this item, I researched similar products. When I read all the positive reviews on this collagen cream, I had to try it for myself. I was not disappointed! The skin on my face looks so smooth and soft, even the fine lines around my eyes and mouth are not as noticable!
— Marika M.
I am 69 years old & fighting the look of age. I have tried many different brands & to date this is THE best Retinol Serum. I added it to my night time regime & the next morning I was stunned! I saw a significant improvement in the deep wrinkles around my mouth.
— Elaine G.
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum is almost becoming my #1 start to the day... Coffee still has my heart, but this serum works wonders on my skin!
— Rhonda M.
I have been using this Collagen Cream for a few days. I am an Esthetician, and gave myself a chemical peel...this collagen cream is so silky, and is really helping heal my skin. Definitely a repeat customer here!
— Susan B.
AMAZING!!! I bought the Argan Lotion a few months ago at a discount store for $4.99 so I wasn’t expecting much. It not only feels wonderful on the skin but I noticed after a few weeks of use that my cuticles were no longer dry and my nails were growing and strong.
— R. Christensen
This product does exactly what it says! My fine lines disappeared the first day I used it (thrilled!) and my skin looked plumper. By day three, I can barely see the fine lines and my skin is glowing and plumper.
— Robi. D
have started both this product and Advanced Clinical Collagen. Since starting these products, people have given me compliments on my hair, my eyebrows and even have asked if I had a facial peel.
— Carol D.
I really love this moisturizing cream! I have really dry skin, but after a rubbing in this Advanced Clinicals Coconut Moisturizing Cream, the dryness just evaporates and made my Doctor declare, “Whatever you are doing to moisturize your skin, keep it up”. Thanks, Advanced Clinicals!
— Shep P.
The Collagen Cream is the very first thing I put on my skin after cleansing. And...I am using it on my arms and neck, too. It is a collagen builder, and does a great job of protecting my skin. Love it. The pump on top makes it easy to use. My husband has begun using it, too!
— KIndle C.
Savvy shopper secret...I use the Huge Supply of Retinol Cream everywhere, face, neck, chest, body, hands, and feet! That replaces 6 products with 1! Tremendous Value!
— Dorthy F.
I am so happy with this Stretch Mark Cream! I took a shower and put it on right before bed and sure enough, I woke up and my stretch marks were already much less visible! I would highly recommend this product to my other mother friends.! Great price, fast results!
— Justine F.
Wow, I never knew that a serum could actually do what this serum promises. This Collagen Serum replaces just about every expensive bottle of “promise” ever purchased for skin plumping and correction. I feel younger, look younger and less self-conscious about my wrinkles. I was getting desperate and the right price and keywords led me to this search and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
— S. Nacho
I have had this Collagen serum for 1 week and can already tell a difference! My skin has never glowed as much as it does now! I will definitely be buying more. I’m obsessed with this stuff!
— Andrea
I found the Hyaluronic Acid Serum in a local “discount” store and decided to try it...good stuff. Of course one bottle was all they had so I immediately ordered more online. I have paid twice as much for other products with half the results.
— Lynda K.
“I highly recommend this for those who have dry skin or don’t. You can even put this on your face without breaking out. Smells so good and works wonderfully.
— Ashley H.
“This cream goes on very well and does not leave a greased or too oily feeling on my skin. I use it mostly on my face and neck, twice a day after I wash my face. However it can be used as a body moisturizer as well. I would recommend this product
— Lorraine F.
“This is light refreshing and a great pick me up! Unlike any other toner.
— Angela L.
“Product was purchased as a substitute for a rose mask from another company that was no longer available. Advanced Clinicals rose water mask greatly exceeded my expectations. One 30 minute treatment left my face with soft smooth skin that was unlike other masks that I have tried.
— Mary E.
“I love Advanced Clinical products. Rosewater did not disappoint. My face feels so soft. I will purchase again.
— Jodi
“This worked amazingly well on my sons acne. He used it every night after his shower before bed and it helped immensely. I’d reccomend it to try. We just boought our second one.
— Sara S
“I am OBSESSED! I bought this just expecting it to be like any other hair mask. First off, the tub is huge! So much product for a pretty low price. My hair has never felt so soft and healthy! I can’t stop using it. I’ve basically just replaced my conditioner with this. Love love love
— Nikki
“Worked great! My hair is alittle frizzy & wild and it made it soft and manageable!!
— Lauren M.
“I was using the O'Keeffe's Healthy Foot cream prior to trying this product. This one is much better in my option...not as greasy and absorbs into skin quickly. Leaves my feet soft and has a nice scent. Try this!
— Anthony C.
“Amazing! This improved the appearance of my skin after one use. I was even complimented at work 2 days later.
— Danielle B.
“My skin looks better and that makes me feel better. My wrinkles are not so prominent and my skin feels softer. It smells very nice. How you feel about yourself is important to everything in your life. If something is making you rather sad, fix it. Sometimes it's as easy as a bottle of rose hip oil.
— Delilah J.
“I have the driest skin on my legs. Regular lotion gets absorbed in ten minutes. This stuff makes my legs and feel great and look great for a long time and leave a NON GREASY feeling.
— Jennifer